About The Monday Morning Marketing Memo

For many years the Monday Morning Marketing Memo was one of the most popular marketing e-newsletters. At its peak it had a global readership of over 5600, comprising mostly business owners, entrepreneurs, senior executives, and marketing practitioners in organizations big and small.

Written and distributed (almost) weekly to subscribers, the key topics of the Monday Morning Marketing Memo were: advertising, branding, corporate image management, customer loyalty, customer retention marketing, research, marketing strategies, responsibility, sales management skills, search engine optimization, and the topical marketing issues of the day.

These weekly thought starters were written with my core marketing philosophy — it if touches the customer, it’s a marketing issue™ — in mind.

We are pleased to bring back the Monday Morning Marketing Memo in this blog format, and I hope you find them as enjoyable and useful as our initial readers did.


You can connect to with the Monday Morning Marketing Memo community or me at:

Facebook: Monday Morning Marketing Memo

Facebook: Howard Marketing Services

Email:  steven@howard-marketing.com

Twitter: @StevenBHoward

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